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Go karting Göteborg öppentävling
A gokart race/competition for everyone.



When you want to take your knowledge to the next level.

Open race price

500 SEK


3 clips on the 10 card

The idea of the open race is that EVERYONE should be able to compeat for fun. You don’t have to be a professional to participate. The competition is of a relaxed nature as EVERYONE is here to have fun.

Considerate drivers are welcome, the other kind is probably welcome elsewhere.

The competitions are run on predetermined Mondays which you will find below.

Basic information

Grand Prix Setup

We go through all the rules and the arranements, if you have any questions just ask.

You have 6 practice laps to get a feeling of the track and kart. The lap times are not included in the race itself.

The position in the final is determined after your best lap time in the qualification. In other words you need to get as good lap time as possible in the qualification.

Joint start, first to cross the finishline after 18 laps wins! You have 12 laps to drive 2 alternative tracks (extra long laps) which are implimented to get some distance between the drivers as well as options. The remaining laps are run as usual. If you miss the alternative tracks, you end up last in your final group.

Medals are awarded to the winners on the podium and a photo of all competitors is taken.


Results Open Race


Go Kart

At each completed race, you get points based on your position, for example: 1st place = 25 points, 2nd place = 24 points, 5th place = 20 points, 15th place = 10 points etc. Pole position and win in all finals except A-final gives an additional 1 point.
Participation gives at least 1 point in each competition. It is important to collect as many points as possible. Prizes will be awarded after the last opening competition of the year.



You can read the rules here.

We welcome suggestions on how our gokart race can be improved.
Do not hesitate to ask if there is something you think is strange or don’t understand.
After the award ceremony, a group photo is taken and posted on the website. So feel free to stay the whole race.

Have FUN and remember it's not the world championship:)