Christmas opening hours

22 December | 11-17:30
23 December | 11-15
24 December | Closed
25 December | Closed
31 December | 11-15
1 January | Closed

Prices Drop In

1 Heat

  • One 8 min heat
  • For you who want to try it out
  • Sundays are always drop-in
  • Call before visit on days other than Sundays

3 Heat

  • 3x8 min
  • Per person, driven the same day
  • Sundays are always drop-in
  • Call before visit on days other than Sundays

10 Heat

  • 10x8 min
  • Group card, drive all or save for later
  • Sundays are always drop-in
  • Call before visit on days other than Sundays


Go Karting Gothenburg

You can NOT book drop in!

If you are interested in driving
drop in, we recommend that you call in and check whether we have available times or not.

Sundays are a booking-free day, which means there’s drop in all day, in other words you don’t need to call in.


031 - 12 65 88

Prices speedkart

Our prices are the same regardless of which gokart you drive or at which speed setting. A heat is 8 minutes, if you drive several times you usually rest between each heat.

To think about

EVERYONE should have fun, we therefore have zero contact between the gokarts as a rule. If you want to have fun and clash with each other, we recommend the radio karts at Liseberg.

Heat groups

There is a good chance that you will end up with other drivers with similar driving skills when you come for a drop in heat. We always divide drivers into fast or beginner groups to get as much flow in the heats as possible.



What is drop-in?

Drop-in means that you come by spontaneously, stand in line and wait for your turn. If your lucky you can drive straight away or if your not so lucky you might have to wait a little.
In most cases, you drive with other drivers with similar experiences.
Bookings always come first and drop-in heats are before, between and after the bookings. Sundays are always drop-in between 11-17, every other day you call before to find out free times.
There are not always available times, which is why we recommend that you call in before your visit.

Gokart kids

On our previous track in Majorna we had adult, junior and taxi karts. Unfortunately we do not have junior karts anymore, but we will in the future.
The minimum length limit is 140 cm to drive your own kart, if you are younger and have not driven a gokart before we strongly recommend the taxi kart the first heat. If the kid get to steered the entire course on their own and get to try it with someone who can explain and support them while they drive it makes it easier for them. The adult can afterwards decide if the kid is mature enough to drive on their own or if another round in the taxi kart is more suitable. Our track is slippery and the driving technique is different from most other tracks.


We can adjust the speed on our karts but that’s nothing you pay extra for. Depending if you have driven at our track or not aswell as how well you drive decide the speed you get. All drivers no matter the age get the reduced speed the first two laps if you haven’t driven at our track before. This is so you get a feeling of the floor surface, it is a drifting track after all. Adults usually get full speed after the first two laps and kids need to beat certain times and not bounce against the barriers. Kids that hasn’t driven much before usually drive faster on the lower speed since they have more controll over the kart.  We might be oldschool but we prioritize safty above all. 

Go kart träning
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